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Another area where our equipment investment has turned a business segment into a rapid growth area for Classic Laminations is special taping.

Classic Laminations has six tape heads to apply two-sided transfer tape to substrates ranging from easels to printed sheets. We have a variety of pressure sensitive tapes to help create your finished project. These self-stick tapes eliminate using messy liquid glue; just peel the protective release liner from the tape and apply.

Applications include shelf-marking, counter cards and adhering printed sheets to various objects. We can even use two-sided tape to attach a spring to make an eye catching 3D “wiggle” display.

Tapes are available in ¼”, ½”, 3/4″, and 1″ widths, with a convenient lift tab along each edge that makes it easy to remove the release liner.

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Types of Tape

Permanent Adhesive / Permanent Adhesive

When you need your printed item to be permanently bonded to an easel or other surface, we use tape that has aggressive pressure sensitive adhesive with strong holding power on both sides.

Permanent Adhesive / Removable Adhesive

When you want to be able to remove the bonded item at a later time, we have transfer tape with permanent adhesive on one side and removable adhesive on the other.

Magnet Tape

At Classic Laminations, we have the capability of transforming your mounted piece into a promotional magnet. We take your printed image and laminate it, mount it to special magnet tape and die strike it to your shape and size.

Velcro® Transfer Tape

We can attach Velcro® tape to your printed piece with two-sided tape on top and bottom. The bottom layer of two-sided tape adheres the Velcro to your printed piece and the top layer allows the Velcro® to be separated into its two layers, providing the hook and loop functionality of Velcro®. The top layer of PS tape allows you to stick the mounted piece to most surfaces, but you can separate the Velcro® portion and change displays if needed. Velcro® tape is especially handy for trade show displays.

Foam Tape

Tapes with a foam carrier are used when the item to be mounted has an uneven surface. The foam helps the tape conform to the uneven surface and distributes the load to prevent stress concentration, which results in a stronger, more permanent bond. Classic Laminations can recommend the right adhesive tape to ensure success with your next project.

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Adhesive, Pressure Sensitive

Adhesives that adhere to a surface when the adhesive is brought in contact with the surface and pressure is applied to the tape or label facestock. These adhesives are “tacky” to the touch and remain tacky after the bond is formed with the substrate. Due to their inherent tackiness, pressure sensitive adhesives are protected with a release liner prior to application to remain dirt free and prevent them from sticking before intended. The ultimate bond obtained is a function of many variables including time, pressure, application temperature and the substrate’s surface smoothness and polarity. Also called peel and stick adhesive and self-stick adhesive. Abbreviated PSA or PS adhesive.

Adhesive, Permanent

A tape or label with a permanent adhesive cannot be removed from the surface it is applied to without the tape or label being destroyed or leaving residue on the object that it was applied to.

Adhesive, Aggressive Permanent

An adhesive used when a general purpose permanent is not strong enough. It has more initial tack and superior adhesion strength. Also called extra permanent.

Adhesive, Removable

A removable tape or label can be removed from the substrate it is applied to without part of the tape or label remaining on the surface. Depending on its level of tack, a removable tape or label can damage the surface of some materials, such as wood and suede. After a period of time or exposure to weather, a removable tape or label may become permanent.

Adhesive, Ultra-Removable

An adhesive that allows a label to be reapplied in another area and is not limited to the number of times it can be repositioned. The adhesive does not become permanently adhered over long application times. The label can subsequently be repositioned elsewhere. Post-it® Notes are an example of ultra-removable adhesive. Also called repositionable.


Double-coated tapes have a thin “carrier” of film or tissue paper to which one or two types of PSA adhesive is coated on each side.

Peel and Stick Adhesive

Another name for Pressure Sensitive Adhesive.

Release Liner

The backing material or carrier sheet of a pressure sensitive tape or label, which protects the adhesive until time of use. Generally has a release coating applied to the surface in contact with the adhesive to allow the adhesive to easily release or peel from the liner. Also referred to as the backing or liner. “Linerless” or self wound tapes and labels do not have a liner, but generally still have a release coating on the unwind surface to enable the adhesive to easily peel away from the previous layer.

Self-Stick Adhesive

Another name for Pressure Sensitive Adhesive.

Self Wound or Single Wound or Linerless

Term used to describe pressure-sensitive tapes when comparing them to linered tapes. Each subsequent layer of tape has the exposed adhesive in direct contact with the backing of the previous layer, which has a release coating on its surface to allow the adhesive to “release” from it.

Shear Force or Shear Stress

The work that results when two contiguous parts slide past each other in opposite directions and parallel to their plane of contact.

Shear Adhesion

The level of bond strength a pressure sensitive adhesive has to a substrate when shear force or stress is applied. For example, a PSA used to hang a picture on a wall needs to have excellent shear adhesion in order to work well.

Transfer Adhesive Sandwich

Pressure sensitive adhesive that is coated between release liners with a release differential (one side of the liner has a higher release force versus the other side) so the release liners can be peeled away successively for application of the adhesive to a substrate such as an easel. To use the adhesive, the remaining layer of release liner is removed to expose the other side of the adhesive, allowing the easel to be attached, for example, to the backside of a mounting board. Also called transfer tape and two-sided tape.

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