See Our Foldable Digital Polyester

6 mil Fusion Soft Polyester Lite is
waterproof, tear resistant and foldable!

We hear it all the time – lightweight digital polyester sheets can be a challenge to work with. If you’re using any one of the many top coated polyester films you know that’s true. Double sheeting issues in the feeding trays, and static bricking in the receiving trays can cause significant lost productivity while printing. And more often than not, when you run lightweight polyester sheets there will be some print finishing associated with the project.

One of the reasons we continue to be excited to bring on the Fusion Digital Paper™ product line is because they have a customer need focused mindset with their products. They listen to customers and create products that perform better for their customers.

It’s that same mindset that drives us to continue to add print finishing equipment and services to make your life easier and allow you to focus on your business. Whether you need Folding, Scoring, Die Cutting, and so much more, Classic Laminations is your print finishing partner in Northeast Ohio.

We have the expertise and equipment to satisfy your Folding, Scoring, and Die Cutting needs, including on digital synthetics.

While other polyester products on the market believe that static is just an inherent issue with top coated digital films and they look to using lower cost cavitated films to try to mitigate the issue with price, Fusion Digital Paper™ chose to look outside the box and develop a truly unique solution.

It all boils down to this…What price do you put on performance and productivity?
  • Would you like a lightweight polyester sheet with STATIC FREE RUNNABILITY?
  • Would you like a lightweight polyester sheet that performs well during print finishing?
  • Would you like a lightweight polyester sheet that you can achieve a lay flat fold with?
  • Would you like a lightweight polyester sheet that perfs well?
  • Would you like a lightweight polyester sheet that is waterproof and durable?

6 mil Fusion Soft Polyester Lite can be
perfed, punched, and folded.

If your answer to any of these questions is “yes” then you ought to give 6 mil Fusion Soft Polyester Lite a try. The printed samples pictured above were produced on the lightest caliper of our highly successful Fusion Soft Polyester family. Waterproof and durable, 6 mil Fusion Soft Polyester Lite was originally developed to provide a lightweight, durable, and conformable substrate that could be printed on production toner equipment for the racing bib market. While Fusion have been very successful with this application, customers continue to take advantage of the features and benefits of their products to grow new business and get the most out of their digital equipment.

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