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Calendar Tinning at Classic Laminations | Cleveland, OH

Classic Laminations Proudly Offers Calendar Tinning

Classic Laminations is committed to being your one-stop shop and complete print finishing partner. We are proud to announce calendar tinning as the newest service to our prolific print finishing services.
calendar tinning
Calendar tinning reinforces the top and/or bottom edges of a calendar, displays, maps, charts and other printed material with a metal strip that is wrapped around and firmly crimped to the calendar. With our calendar tinning machine, we can also attach a hanger to the top edge of the calendar for easy hanging. This process will have your calendar looking its best throughout the year as it prevents the corners from curling and helps the calendar to hang flat.

The term “calendar tinning” actually is a bit of a misnomer though, as this service is also great for hanging posters and hanging wall charts. Having calendar tinning in your print finishing tool box will give you an edge over your competition.  When considering calendar binding, there is nothing as durable as metal tinning to protect corners and produce durable hanging promotional products and advertising campaigns.  We can handle hanging calendars, posters and wall charts 11” to 30” in width.

Keeping legacy print finishing services available to you is something you can count on when you use Classic Laminations, located in Cleveland, OH, as your print finishing partner. Start your calendar binding project with us today!


Calendar Tinning

This is the term for the bindery method of reinforcing the top and/or bottom edges of a hanging paper or sheet with a metal strip. The metal calendar binding strip is wrapped and crimped firmly to the sheet. This process prevents the corners and edges of the sheet from curling and helps the sheet to hang flat against the wall. There usually is a hanger applied to the top edge for hanging calendars, displays, maps, charts and other printed material.