Why PURfect Binding Is Better

Perfect binding continues to be one of our fastest growing services, and with two perfect binding machines already near full capacity, we just made another investment to enhance our perfect binding capabilities.

To better serve you, Classic Laminations is pleased to announce we purchased a Horizon 4 Clamp Perfect Binder BQ-470 PUR. Pictured above, you can see how impressive this perfect binding equipment is and all the great productivity and performance benefits it can provide you.

The PUR (polyurethane reactive adhesive) glue will allow our perfect bound books to lay flatter when open, maintain a stronger bond in a wide range of temperatures, and is environmentally friendly if used with recyclable paper. Our new perfect binding equipment is faster, provides sharp, square spines, can use a wider range of cover stocks, and bind books up to 2.55” thick.

These are exciting times at Classic Laminations. Our investment in our team, true print finishing professionals, along with equipment and building acquisitions demonstrates our continued commitment to all graphic art professionals in Northeast Ohio.

Best of all, when you partner with Classic Laminations for your print finishing needs, this perfect binder and all of our other equipment and services are at your disposal. Let your customers know all the great ways you can finish their projects to add just the right polish they are looking for. And you can do so without having to use any of your valuable capital resources, which can instead be used for other areas that serve you better. So when your customer asks if you can do this or that, just say yes, and leave the rest to us!

We appreciate your continued support and remain solely focused on earning the right to be your first choice for all your printing finishing needs.

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