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We are pleased to add Fusion Digital Paper™ to the products we carry, but today we would like to highlight their multitude of menu paper solutions. For a number of years Fusion has been working with restaurant owners all over the country to help them develop the best durable paper for their menus.

One thing Fusion learned is that while printers like smoothness, restaurant owners love the silky, velvety feel of 10 and 12 mil Fusion Soft Polyester and 13 mil Fusion Polyester Cover. Restaurant owners are passionate, driven entrepreneurs who want a unique menu to help them stand out in an increasingly crowded market.

Fusion Soft Polyester is waterproof and
tear resistant for great durability!

Restaurant owners also said they throw dirty and stained menus in the trash. They told Fusion that durability is irrelevant if the menu does not look first class, and that’s what makes the stain resistant feature on 10 and 12 mil Fusion Soft Polyester and 13 mil Fusion Polyester Cover unmatched for this application among digital synthetic substrates. In most instances, if an accident happens simply clean with mild soap and warm water within 20 minutes of the spill and the menu will be as good as new. However, the product is not stain proof, so make sure accidents are dealt with quickly. Never use harsh chemicals or bleach to clean the menus as this will degrade the toner and ruin the print.

But learning is a two way street, and that’s why Fusion created the Bubba’s Grill & Grub sample menu with the printer blue line captions so that you can better understand the features and benefits of this product for menu applications as well as how to properly care for the menu to maximize its lifespan. This will both educate the restaurant owner on the capabilities of the menu, but also help manage unrealistic expectations to avoid issues down the road.

Learn about the features and benefits of Fusion Soft Polyester by reading all the informative printer blue line captions sprinkled throughout the sample menu.

Once you put this menu into the restaurant owner’s hands you will probably notice how they like the body and velvety, rich feel. Now that they are drawn into the menu, it is the perfect time to review the educational captions sprinkled throughout the menu.  It’s also a great time to discuss if they want single sheet folded menus (10 and 12 mil Fusion Soft Polyester are great choices), saddle stitched menus (if so you may want to use 7.5 mil Fusion Soft Polyester for the inside pages), or flat 11×17 rigid menus (13 mil Fusion Polyester Cover is an excellent choice for this application) and if they need any other print finishing done. Classic Laminations is here to help you with digital creasing, saddle stitching, spiral binding, round cornering, and all your menu print finishing needs.

The caption that will truly stand out to printers though is the “Hidden Feature” caption on the last page of this menu.  That is the STATIC FREE RUNNABILITY feature, which sets Fusion Soft Polyester and 13 mil Fusion Polyester Cover apart when compared to top coated polyester films that have inherent static issues on the receiving end of the press. Fusion Digital Paper™’s proprietary manufacturing process means that Fusion Soft Polyester and 13 mil Fusion Polyester Cover will run STATIC FREE both on press and during print finishing.

And don’t forget, unlike most digital polyester substrates being sold today for toner applications, we are proud to say that Fusion Digital Paper™ is Made in the USA. Restaurant owners seem to like that too!

Fusion Soft Polyester provides lay flat folded menus, especially when Classic Laminations uses their digital creasing equipment.

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