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Book Binding Services from Classic Laminations

Over the last few years, Classic Laminations has made major investments in equipment to grow the capabilities of our book binding service. We will give your book, menu, program, or manual a professional look. Even if you do most of this work in-house, larger jobs that require fast turnaround are often too much to handle internally. In these instances, let Classic Laminations help you.

Whatever your print finishing needs are, don’t be afraid to discuss your project with us. The print finishing experts at Classic Laminations can help you get your project done in a quick, cost-effective way.

Our comprehensive book binding services for Northeast Ohio include several types of bindery methods, including perfect binding, spiral coil, double Wire-O® / twin loop, plastic comb, padding, Velo binding, saddle stitching, tape binding, and ring binding! Our experienced staff can collate, punch and bind any size product with a variety of styles.

Saddle Stitch Binding

At Classic Laminations, we offer a quick turnaround on traditional saddle stitch binding. We can do automated saddle stitching on booklets as small as 3 x 3 ⅞-inch one-up and 3 x 3-inch two-up. Our new Horizon two-tower VAC 100 collates, stitches, folds, and trim, making Classic Laminations your go-to source for booklet making projects.

Spiral Coil Binding

We can bind your project with colorful plastic spiral coil binding. This process allows the book to lay flat when open, and the cover to be folded completely back on itself. The binding consists of a continuous spiral of plastic coil threaded through pre-punched holes along the binding edge of the paper, with one loop of a coil through each hole.

Our Durable Plastic Coils Come in the Following Color Options:

  • 12 Standard Colors
  • Neon Printing Colors
  • Fluorescent Printing Colors

Classic Laminations can also precision punch spiral holes in the paper before or after printing on our Alpha-Doc® precision paper punching machine!

Double Wire-O® (Twin Loop) Binding

As the name implies, there are two loops of wire threaded through each hole in the paper resulting in pages that are securely held and turn easily. The double Wire-O® or twin loop binding wire is available in a dozen colors including plain silver metal. Like spiral coil binding, the books will lay flat when open and can be turned 360 degrees! Our Alpha-Doc® precision paper punching machine can punch the double Wire-O® / twin loopholes before or after printing.

GBC ® or Plastic Comb Binding

This mechanical binding method uses a plastic comb with flexible “teeth” inserted into rectangular holes punched along the binding edge. One advantage GBC® comb has over continuous coil binding such as spiral and double Wire-O®/twin loop is the GBC® binding machine can insert and remove sheets for quick edits.

We also specialize in short runs on our two Bourg 3002 fully automated perfect binders. In fact, we have no minimum order size for perfect book binding services! We can work on books ranging from 0.04 to 2 inches thick, 3.5 to 12.5 inches wide, and 4 to 15 inches long.

GBC® bound books lay flat when open, but unlike the continuous coil methods, the pages cannot be turned 360 degrees. GBC® comb binding can handle books up to two inches thick. The plastic combs are durable and available in a variety of colors.

We also offer GBC® ProClick® spines, a new way to mechanically bind documents featuring the ability to do quick edits by “unzipping” and “zipping” the teeth of this circular hard plastic spine. Our Alpha-Doc® punching machine can punch the GBC® rectangular holes in your paper before or after printing.

book binding

Thermal Adhesive Padding

A recent equipment addition is our heat-activated padding machine which is ideal for making premium pads. Promotional pads remain an effective sales tool linking you with your customers daily. Whether it’s a focused marketing effort or just utilizing your scrap paper, we guarantee your customers will appreciate the gesture.

Our heat-activated adhesive padding machine produces durable premium pads. So, whether it’s scratch pads, note pads, order pads, or any other type of pads, let us help you with yours. We can make pads up to 16 inches wide on the padding edge and up to 3 ½ inches thick.

Post Binding

This is a mechanical binding method that uses a screw and post inserted through a hole(s) that are drilled or punched in a stack of paper.

Tape Binding

This method involves adhesive tape being wrapped around the spine to hold the covers and inside pages in place. It provides a clean, professional appearance while being a simple, strong, and cost-effective solution for low-volume binding needs because it requires no holes to be punched.

Velo Binding

This method, also known as strip binding, provides a permanent bind with tamper-proof security popular for legal briefs, business proposals, financial reports, and other sensitive documents. Velo binding uses a rigid plastic spine with durable plastic tines that are fed through small-punched holes on the page edge and melted to the back spine.

Thus, someone can’t edit the document without it being obvious it was tampered with. Although Velo bind documents are easy to open and read, they are not easy to lay flat on a scanner. This makes them difficult to photocopy, which is another security feature many customer’s desire.

spiral coil binding

Book Binding Capabilities of Classic Laminations

At Classic Laminations, we confidently rely on the expertise of the following binders:

  • 3002 EVA Perfect Binder
  • Alpha-Doc® Punching Machine
  • Horizon 2 Towers VAC 100 Collator and Booklet Maker
  • Horizon 4 Clamp Perfect Binder BQ-470 PUR with Polyurethane Reactive Adhesive
  • Challenge CMT 130 Three-Knife Trimmer

twin loop binding

3002 EVA Perfect Binding

Perfect Binding continues to be one of our fastest-growing services. We have two conventional EVA glue perfect binding machines near full capacity. These are a great way for you to achieve the look you want for each project.

We also specialize in short runs on our two Bourg 3002 fully automated perfect binders. We have no minimum order size for perfect book binding service! We can work on books ranging from 0.04 to 2 inches thick, 3.5 to 12.5 inches wide, and 4 to 15 inches long.

The Bourg 3002 uses EVA hot melt glue applied with two application rollers and a reverse rotating scraper roller for precise glue application. These rollers provide full contact side gluing for optimal side gluing application. This glue is designed to provide an excellent bond on all types of printing including digital imaging.

This is the only binder in the world with an integrated cover creasing unit that provides multiple creases in digitally printed covers. It is not like the competition with low-quality scoring systems that damage the digital print surface and crack the covers. Up to six negative or positive creases are automatically set in the cover based on the book’s thickness and allow for the production of winged books.

clamp binder

Horizon 4 Clamp Perfect Binder

Classic Laminations’ Horizon 4 clamp perfect binder BQ-470 PUR with polyurethane reactive adhesive offers superior binding strength and spine flexibility!

Horizon 4 is a Wonderful Choice for Projects Including But Not Limited To:

  • Recycled Stocks
  • Coated Stocks
  • Cross-Grained Stocks
  • Photographic Papers
  • Acetates
  • Digitally Printed Sheets

The advanced rotary suction feed system can handle a wide range of cover stock weights without marking them. It can score thick and heavyweight covers which results in sharp, square spine covers. Books up to 2.55 inches thick can be bound on our Horizon BQ-470 PUR perfect binding machine.

Benefits of PUR Adhesive

  • Retains Durability and Flexibility Down to -4°F and up to 248°F
  • Allows PUR Bound Books to be Handled in Almost Any Climate
  • High-Binding Strength Allows for A Thinner Glue Layer for Pages to Lay Flatter
  • Less Affected by Inks, Varnishes, Oils, and Solvents That Migrate into Glue Lines

Challenge CMT 130 Three-Knife Trimmer

To further enhance our speed, accuracy, and competitiveness in the short run perfect binding arena, we added a Challenge CMT 130 three-knife trimmer!

Choose Our Book Binding Services for your Next Project!

We’ve been providing premium print finishing throughout the Midwest since 1976! Our experienced staff and vast array of equipment ensure that virtually all print finishing needs are possible at Classic Laminations! We’re proud to provide complete print finishing services for jobs of any size! If you need perfect binding in the Cleveland metro area, the choice is clear: contact Classic Laminations for bindery services first!