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Classic Laminating Services in Cleveland, Ohio

Classic Laminations has been trusted by companies and artists to provide quality print finishing services for more than 40 years. We offer you a range of premium laminating services throughout the Cleveland and Northeastern Ohio areas. You can order several thermal and adhesive processes for projects of all sizes from our online service shop.

Our Core Component

Despite specializing in many post print services, our core component is print lamination. Digital imaging has numerous nuances and often requires special, more aggressive laminates for this quickly expanding medium. Our lamination services offer your digital prints cost effective, quality finishes that astound clients and readers.

Protect your piece and extend its life with our high-quality laminating equipment. You can select a hot or hold laminating process for your prints depending on your needs. You can also send in a two-sided project and choose from a wide variety of film and adhesive calipers.

Classic laminations offer you several finishes for your project such as gloss, matte, satin, and textured options. You can even select an opaque color film to help your project stand out from the crowd. We offer the optimal laminating film for your digital printing needs.

From small office projects to large school assignments, you can laminate anything you need at Classic Laminations. Our experts work closely with you to meet tight deadlines and help complete your jobs on time. You can even request premium rush service for time-sensitive projects!

Some of the laminating services we offer include:

  • Menus and Table Tents
  • Placemats
  • Presentations
  • Trade Show Displays
  • Price Lists
  • Training Manuals
  • Litho Prints
  • Book Covers
  • ID Badges
  • Parking Passes
  • Photographs
  • Portfolios
  • Easel Back Counter Cards
  • Point of Purchase Displays
  • Magnet Cards
  • Wedding Signs
  • Business Cards
  • And more

Laminating Options

Before deciding between films, it’s important to decide which laminating process is best for your print. If you have a sensitive medium, using the wrong process can damage your project and depreciate its value.

Hot or Thermal Laminating

This type of laminating service relies on heat and pressure to bond the adhesive to your print. Thermal lamination is great for paper substrates, synthetic stock paper and offset printing inks.

Heat laminating film adhesion

Cold or Pressure Sensitive Adhesive Laminating

This laminating process relies on pressure alone to press the film onto your project. This service is a popular choice for heat-sensitive prints like vinyl. Cold laminating films also offer better resistance to UV light (fading) and adhesion.

Non-heat laminating film adhesion

Laminating Films

Each plastic polymer film has its own benefit, but you want the film that best suits your design. You can find a wide variety of laminating films at Classic Laminations to fulfill your project needs.

Polyester or PET

This is the most popular over-laminating film and is known to be extremely durable. The film offers your ready artwork UV, weather, and scratch resistance to help protect the medium. This product is also known to resist heat, oils, and most solvents.

All these features help your print maintain good gloss and clarity.

Common items that use Polyester or PET film include:

  • Menus
  • Dust Jackets
  • Case-Bound Covers

Polypropylene or OPP

More economical than polyester, polypropylene has excellent clarity. Standard polypropylene is very glossy, giving a “wet look” to your finished product, unless a matte version is used. Because polypropylene is softer than polyester, it is less scratch resistant, but it folds better.

Polypropylene also has good moisture, acid and alkali resistance. Uses include write on/wipe off applications.


Often called “lay flat” or “curl free” film, nylon can breathe with the paper it’s laminated to. This results in flat sheets, even when the humidity changes. Nylon has excellent scuff and scratch resistance but can be slightly more expensive than polyester.

This product is a great selection for one-sided prints and projects.


These films are specially designed to accept gluing and foil stamping. The finish can be slightly more expensive than polyester due to its elite features. This product is often used to make pocket folders and folding cartons.


This is an extremely durable film that is very scratch resistant and non-glare. Polycarbonate is primarily used for trade show displays, mouse pads, and floor graphics.


The renewable laminating films at Classic laminations are derived from non-petroleum sources like corn. You can also find biodegradable film/adhesive laminating film combinations that use materials like cellulous acetate. The biodegradable film is made from wood and wood by-products, combined with a water-soluble adhesive.

Low Melt Digital

This laminating film is designed to melt at a lower temperature to prevent ink fading and discoloration. This is great for projects that use wide format inkjet inks for their prints.

UV Inhibiting

“Cold” or pressure-sensitive adhesive laminating films will protect your printed piece from ink fading due to UV exposure. This process protects up to four times longer than thermal laminating films.

Film Finishes and Textures:


These films have a “dull”, non-glossy appearance that features low light reflectivity. This reduces glare so consumers can read your text with ease. This texture is perfect for trade shows and other text-heavy displays.


A gloss finish gives the colors in your document a vibrant appearance and is the most popular option at Classic Laminations. Though this finish beautifully accentuates images, it’s not the best choice for text documents due to the glare.

Soft Touch

This film has a matte surface that offers a unique look and feel. It creates a haze-free matte finish that will not distort graphics or shift colors. The soft velvet feel, combined with added scuff resistance, makes it ideal for high end applications of all types.

Dry Erase (Write-On/Wipe-Off)

This film can be written on using dry-erase markers, and then wiped clean with a cloth or dry eraser.


There are a variety of embossed finishes available in laminating films such as linen, pinseal, and leatherette. These finishes add a tactile sensation to your printed piece that quickly attracts your audience’s attention.

Tradeshow Non-Glare

When you need your message protected and easy to read, this laminating film is a great option.

Laminating Digital Prints

We take extra care when laminating your digital prints because we know how delicate they are. Several variables can affect the laminating process like paper type, toners, and oils. That’s why we usually recommend a low-melt super bond adhesive film.

Not only do we recommend the best products for your prints, but we also ensure that each job is tested individually. This means we double check each print to confirm that the film has been adhered properly.

Digital print laminating examples

We offer you quality laminating services that result in customer satisfaction extending outside the Cleveland and Northeast Ohio area. Call today at (440)735-1333 to discuss your print lamination project and request a quote.