We now distribute Fusion Digital Paper™

We are pleased to announce that Classic Laminations will now be distributing Fusion Digital Paper™. Fusion Digital Paper™ is the most diverse lineup of digital synthetic and pressure sensitive products in the market. Made in the USA, Fusion products are engineered specifically for toner production equipment and will help you maximize your equipment’s capabilities and find new revenue streams.

In an increasingly digitally driven world, here is an example of how print media can still be a powerful tool to grow your business and brand. In this case, a charter fishing boat company wanted to find a way to promote their fishing charters.  Due to the nature of their operation, the captain would be handing out the promotion when the customers boarded the boat.  Therefore, the promotion needed to be tough enough to handle any weather and water issues on the boat, yet durable enough to be thrown into a backpack without getting damaged.

Pictured above is the digitally printed promotion on Fusion 8 mil Rigid Polyester.  As you can see, they found a way to not only have a promotion for the near term, but also one that will endure and be a silent salesman for years to come. 

Once customers are home with their big catch, the pictures of the fish are a friendly reminder of which fish they will be cooking up.  This will be especially helpful to the novice fisherman who went on the charter for a fishing adventure of a lifetime.  But the key to the promotion are the great recipes listed, which customers can continue to use long into the future when the catch of the day comes from the local supermarket.  And when they pull out the promotion and revisit the recipes, they will also be revisiting the memories that Santiago’s Great Lakes Charter Boats provided them.  This brand building promotion will therefore endure for years and hopefully spur on future fishing adventures on Santiago’s fishing charters. 

This promotion is the perfect example of finding the right media to carry the message.  Justifying a more expensive polyester sheet is easy when you know that your application demands durability and your marketing message has staying power.  Simply put, memories printed on Fusion 8 mil Rigid Polyester last longer.

Keep in mind that while there are many imported polyester film products sold under a myriad of different private label names, Fusion 8 mil Rigid Polyester is original to Fusion Digital Paper™ and it’s Made in the USA.  It’s unique, featuring a proprietary scratch and scuff resistant top coating developed by their in-house chemical engineers.  And with Fusion 8 mil Rigid Polyester measuring in at only 260 GSM, you can have peace of mind that it will run well on virtually all production toner digital equipment.

These are just a few of the applications you can create with Fusion Digital Paper™ products.

Fusion 8 mil Rigid Polyester is a premium solid core digital polyester product.  It isn’t a cavitated film, nor an even cheaper PVC product that could melt if you get a jam in your fuser unit.  It’s made specifically for high heat toner imaging, and to provide great performance once it gets into the field. When quality and durability matter, Fusion Rigid Polyester is a great substrate selection.

To learn more about Fusion Digital Paper™ products and discuss how we can help you with digital synthetics please give us a call.

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